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Protected: Tradeoffs in Strategic Capacity Planning under Demand Uncertainty

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Protected: Leveraging AI to Simplify Operations Metrics

Posted in Data Analytics Inventory Management Machine Learning

Protected: eCommerce and the Supply Chain Impact

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Protected: Power Influence in Long-Lasting Horizontal Collaboration Relationships

Posted in Network Design Transportation

Protected: Optimization of an International Inbound Logistics Network

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Protected: Supply Chain Simulation for Strategy Evaluation

Posted in Network Design Strategy Urban Logistics

Protected: E-commerce Distribution Strategy and Network Design for Nanostores

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Protected: Improving Survival of Micro & Small Firms in Developing Countries During and Post Covid-19 via Appropriate SRM and CRM Strategies

Posted in Data Analytics Production Planning Strategy

Protected: Optimal Production Planning Strategies for Shave Care Europe

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Protected: Optimizing Low Volume, High Volatility SKUs in a Distribution Network

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Protected: Utilization of the American Driver

Posted in Retail Operations Strategy Warehouse

Protected: Advancing Circular Economy Through Ecommerce

Posted in Data Analytics Machine Learning Sustainability

Protected: MIT CTL – CSCMP State of Supply Chain Sustainability

Posted in Inventory Management Strategy Urban Logistics

Protected: Micro-Fulfillment Feasibility For Metro Trade Area Transformation

Posted in Data Analytics Inventory Management Strategy

Protected: The effect of supply chain segmentation on inventory turnover and working capital

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Protected: What Service Analytic Data is the Best Predictor of Load Volume Churn?

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Protected: North America Automation of Warehouse Decision Making

Posted in Digital Transformation Machine Learning Transportation

Protected: Telematics and Machine Learning: An Ecoefficiency Initiative

Posted in Digital Transformation Transportation Urban Logistics

Protected: Develop a Digital Trucking Triangulation Solution in China

Posted in Data Analytics Risk Management Strategy

Protected: Leading Indicators for Prediction of Food Supply Crisis

Posted in Inventory Management Network Design Transportation

Protected: Network Optimization for Two-Day Home Deliveries

Posted in Data Analytics Digital Transformation

Protected: Managing Value Streams for End-to-End Connectivity in Supply Chains

Posted in Network Design Strategy Transportation

Protected: Delivering Locally Sourced Nutritious Food Baskets in India

Posted in Strategy Transportation Urban Logistics

Protected: Achieving Transportation Network Efficiency through Consolidation

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Protected: Network Optimization and Demand Model for Dry Bulk Shipping Throughout the Great Lakes Region

Posted in Demand Planning Sustainability

Protected: MIT Campus PPE Demand Planning

Posted in Strategy Sustainability Urban Logistics

Protected: Effects of the Implementation of a Credit Sales Policy on Nanostore Transportation Efficiency

Posted in Demand Planning Healthcare Strategy

Protected: Forecasting Rare Diseases

Posted in Network Design OmniChannel Sustainability

Protected: Which is the Best Distribution Network for the Offline Channel

Posted in Data Analytics Network Design Strategy

Protected: Optimizing the Logistics Network for Pipeline Inspection

Posted in Network Design Transportation Urban Logistics

Protected: UNICEF: Drones for Health Product Delivery in Nepal

Posted in Demand Planning Machine Learning Transportation

Protected: Walking the Walk: Routing Guide Performance Analysis

Posted in Humanitarian Inventory Management

Protected: Demand Planning for United Nations Food Rations

Posted in Digital Transformation Inventory Management Machine Learning

Protected: Data Enabled Supply Chain Resiliency

Posted in Digital Transformation Machine Learning Manufacturing

Protected: Adaptability of Manufacturing Operations Through Digital Twins

Posted in Machine Learning Strategy Warehouse

Protected: The Secret Recipe to Warehouse Throughput

Posted in Data Analytics Strategy Warehouse

Protected: Profit Maximization Through Cost Benefit Analyses of the Warehousing & Distribution Services Offered by an Existing Freight-Forward Company

Posted in Network Design Sustainability Transportation

Protected: Carbon Efficient Network Design: Evaluating The Trade-Offs Between Carbon Emissions, Transportation Cost and On-The-Road Time For a Middle-Mile Distribution Network

Thumbnail image of poster: Diving Deep into the Determinants of Driver Dwell. Click to display full-size PDF
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Protected: Diving Deep into the Determinants of Driver Dwell

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Protected: Rare Medicines’ Last Mile to Patients: From Make to Order Through Distribution